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Radical transparency allows us to do our best work. Over sharing information and exposing our thinking processes empowers people to make better decisions. To foster radical transparency, we need to create a psychologically safe environment where everyone can share their thoughts and feelings, and also admit and expose their mistakes. This gives us all great opportunities to grow and learn.



We believe people produce better results by working together. To tap into these synergies, we need to think about each other more than we think about ourselves. This means we are allergic to egos, we are humble and open-minded, and we love helping one another in any way we can. We celebrate our wins together, and hold each other accountable to a high standard of excellence. Routific is committed to rewarding the entire team for our collective achievements.


Rapid professional

We expect everyone to be ambitious and actively seek professional growth. Routific, in turn, actively invests in your growth and coaches you along the way. When it’s time for you to retire, we want you to reflect back on Routific as your best and most formative career experience of your life.


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“I had a really great time at Routific. I had the opportunity to grow my technical and soft skills in a positive and supportive environment. They really care about their employees happiness and have a good work life balance. They went beyond their responsibilities and supported me through personal difficulties. They nurture a very friendly atmosphere and often hangout outside of work. I still meetup with my former team members.”


“I recently joined the team and couldn’t be more thrilled. Management is transparent, respectful, and thoughtful in their approach to team building and business management. This is a great place for anyone looking to work with a fun team, develop their skills and participate in a fast-growing industry like last-mile logistics.”


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What we do

Route optimization platform

Industry-leading API

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Equity + competitive salary

Flexible hours + remote work

Unlimited vacation policy

Extensive health benefits

Flexible, generous parental leave

Laptop, mobile phone, and whatever other tech you need

Professional development allowance

Pet lovers welcome!

Routician checklist

We believe every individual who joins our team is unique. Thus, the interview process is customized for each candidate who comes our way. However, there are a few tenets we follow during our interview process to keep in line with our core values:


  • We believe culture fit to be the most important, hence it is always the first step in our interview process.
  • Our job postings are merely an indication of what the role might be. We like to customize the actual job to fit the candidate.
  • We believe in the existence of a zone of genius for everyone. Being a Routician is like a choose-your-own-adventure story: you can pick the things you like and focus on the things you’re interested in.


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