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Founder Sam Rohn has a pet peeve: bad customer service.

His previous venture relied on couriers to deliver meal shakes, but the couriers were either too pricey or unreliable. When a parcel went missing, the courier company took one month to react. Sam knew he could do better.

So he started Red je Pakketje, a same-day courier service in the Netherlands.

Business Challenges

The Netherlands spans an area of 16,033 square miles – slightly less than twice the size of the state of New Jersey.

Thanks to the country’s relatively small size and a smart approach to warehousing and logistics, Red je Pakketje is able to offer same-day delivery across the entire nation. The company guarantees a maximum of 10 hours between when a parcel is picked up to the time it is delivered to the end consumer. Red je Pakketje also promises delivery within a half-hour time window.


As soon as Red je Pakketje started up, the founders knew they needed smart delivery management software to help them navigate the complex logistics of same-day pick-up and delivery.

Routific helps their team of dispatchers plan the pick-up routes first thing in the morning. By mid-day, the fleet begins arriving at the company’s main warehouse – centrally located in the city of Utrecht – where the team unloads and repacks the vans for delivery. Within 30 minutes, the fleet is ready to head out again. Red je Pakketje dispatchers rely on Routific to plan the last-mile. Delivery routes and the half-hour delivery time windows are optimized and finalized quickly and efficiently.

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Red je Pakketje is delighting customers across the Netherlands with excellent customer service and short delivery time windows. At 40+ vehicles, they are one of the fastest growing parcel delivery companies in the region.

Route Planning,
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