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Lee and Maria’s is a family-run farm market. Since 1978, they’ve been growing tomatoes, corn, melons and more than a dozen different fruits and vegetables across 30 acres of land. Today, they deliver that produce to more than 300 homes across southwestern Ontario.

Business Challenges

Lee and Maria’s customers had to drive to the market in Kingsville, Ontario to pick up their produce, or visit the local farmer’s markets where Lee and Maria’s set up a stall. Co-owner Kevin Black decided to start a home delivery service, and bring fresh farm produce straight to his customers’ doorsteps. Today, this industry is often referred to as farm-to-door delivery. But the logistics of transporting perishables to hundreds of homes wasn’t easy to figure out and coordinate.


Kevin was spending two hours every day trying to manually plan his delivery routes. With Routific's fleet management software, it now takes him just 1-2 minutes to plan and optimize his routes.

“Everything about our business depends on time,” he said. “Routific shows us the fastest, most efficient way to make all our deliveries.”

With Routific, we now have a smart and efficient way to make all our deliveries. Our produce arrives fast and fresh, and that kind of service brings our customers back to us again and again.
Kevin Black
Co-owner at Lee and Maria’s


Lee and Maria’s is saving 5 hours every day with Routific. Kevin can now focus on his business, and his drivers are spending less time on the road.

“If we have a box of produce that sits for an extra half hour in our vans, that can affect the quality of our fruits and vegetables,” Kevin said. “Routific is key to making our delivery service a success!”

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