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PopChef is a meal delivery company in Paris. They promise healthy, fresh, and authentically French meals, prepared the same day in a central kitchen and delivered in 30 minutes.

Business Challenges

The team at Popchef spent three months and 15,000 Euros ($16,010 USD) building an in-house algorithm to help optimize their logistics. Maintaining the algorithm was also becoming an ongoing distraction for the already thinly-spread engineering team.

Despite this investment of time and resources, the in-house algorithm just wasn’t good enough – especially when they compared it side-by-side with Routific’s API.


The following is real data taken from Popchef’s test environment in which the team had to manage the delivery of hundreds of meals across the city of Paris in one day.


Routific’s route optimization API was able to increase Popchef’s on-time deliveries by 44%, decrease their total mileage by 8 percent, and take 24 bikers off the road.

Popchef spent more than $16K USD and three months of their engineering resources to build their own in-house algorithm, which just wasn’t up to snuff. The Popchef team has now freed up their engineers and the team is focusing on growing the business and keeping their customers happy and well-fed.

If we were to do it again, we wouldn't have wasted our time and effort on building our own algorithm – we’d use Routific from day one!
François Vasnier
CTO and Data Engineer, Popchef

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