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The Foodery crafts nourishing, ready-to-eat gourmet meals from scratch and delivers that wholesome goodness to hundreds of homes across the city of Boston. Urban families and professionals face a huge challenge these days: finding the time and resources to consistently eat healthy meals while maintaining a busy lifestyle. The Foodery ensures all meals are organic, locally sourced, and delivered with care.

Business Challenges

When the Foodery first started up in 2012, they were planning routes completely manually.

“We started out using pencil and paper, and going by zipcode. We sent drivers out who were familiar with the area and we relied on people’s expertise,” co-founder John Bauer said.

The team at the Foodery went to great lengths to ensure that deliveries went smoothly, taking care to hire quality, trustworthy ambassadors to deliver the food.

“Everything is in our control when we’re in the kitchen, but we needed a better way to stay vigilant the minute those deliveries went out the door,” Bauer said.


As soon as The Foodery began planning their routes with Routific, the business began to change for the better.

“There are so many good reasons why route optimization is better than a human route planner,” Bauer said. Visibility is key. “Routific gives me a bird’s eye view of the routes. I can see which drivers have longer routes. I know I can put Jose on a difficult route, meanwhile Natasha is new, so I won’t have her driving downtown.”

Route optimization also helps Bauer sequence all his delivery stops in the most optimal order, which “helps us create a workflow.”

“We pack our delivery vans in the order in which they’re going to be emptied out on the delivery route,” Bauer explained. “You can’t imagine what a great deal of efficiency that adds to the operation.”

Routific is so desperately needed by small businesses who don’t have the means to play the delivery game like Amazon and the other big boys. Routific gives local business a fighting chance.
John Bauer
CEO at Foodery


Route optimization helped the team at the Foodery reduce their delivery costs by 28% by maximizing the use of their existing fleet.

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