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Autoshred is a paper shredding business in New York and New Jersey. Their trucks remove and destroy confidential documents on-site and then recycle the secure documents.

Business Challenges

“When you take over a business, you’re always looking for way to improve upon it,” said Peter Levitt, GM and owner of Autoshred. “For me, I understood that the business could really soar if I could solve the biggest challenge in my business - scheduling my trucks all over New Jersey.”


Peter turned to the Internet and found Routific. After signing up for the free trial, he discovered his drivers were spending considerably less time on the road while saving fuel. “That saves me a ton of money, and gets them home earlier. A major win-win for everyone,” he said.

Wow. Just… wow. I’m somewhere between ecstatic and in a state of shock. Today I did in 20 minutes what could have taken me hours. Your solution has helped me make this business work.
Peter Levitt
GM and owner of Autoshred


Peter recently sent us the following email:

“Look at the spreadsheet below. All I did was look at three months (Aug to Oct) of how the former owner performed (2015) and compared it with me (2016).

Service Calls83894010.851%

You can see I have more transactions, which should have resulting in more gas as I’m driving more miles, correct? Yet, look at my fuel spend. Bottom line: my volume of business is up 11%, my fuel spend is down 30%. These are not subjective hypotheticals. This is the raw data. And it says your solution cut my unit price by 25%. Who knew?”

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