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Same-day grocery delivery service YourGrocer is rapidly expanding its reach across two major cities in Australia: Melbourne and Sydney. The company allows consumers to shop online with hundreds of local butchers, bakers, and grocers. The items are then picked up and delivered to customers via speedy, refrigerated vans. Local, fresh groceries delivered to your home in a snap? Yes, please.

Business Challenges

YourGrocer recognized they needed to be smart about logistics or “it would be impossible to scale,” said co-founder Francisco Trindade.

The team first tried using a free route optimization tool they found online, but quickly realized they needed the ability to set tight time windows for their deliveries.

Later, they were referred to a paid route optimization platform, but were frustrated with the lengthy sales process. So they turned to Google and found Routific.

We knew by investing in Routific we could be investing in our future.
Francisco Trindade
Co-founder at YourGrocer

From the moment the team at YourGrocer started a free trial with Routific, everything “just worked.” They had built a customer order management system, so exporting a CSV file was very easy.

“We plugged Routific into our workflow and it’s been working really well from day one,” Francisco said.


YourGrocer is saving more than 5 hours every day with Routific. Routific's delivery management software has helped them scale their same-day grocery delivery business, propelling an expansion into the Sydney market.

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