Grow your business with route optimization software

Cut down route planning
time by 95%

Take the guesswork out of route
planning. Quickly build and customize
your routes using real-life factors like
time windows, vehicle capacity, stop
duration, and more.

Maximize fleet capacity with
40% shorter routes

Our route optimization algorithm has
been in development for more than a
decade. Our customers complete more
stops per route and lower their cost-
per-delivery with the help of Routific.

Delight customers by nailing
ETAs every time

Delivery tracking tools and customer
notifications keep things organized and
stress-free – even with last minute
changes to your routes.

Automate your delivery planning with route optimization

Hello route optimization, goodbye manual route planning!

The Old Way

Managing delivery routes using navigation apps or spreadsheets takes a very, very long time.

  • Using a bunch of different tools like Google Maps and phone calls to manage routes feels disorganized and messy.
  • A sudden spike in orders means long, stressful hours trying to manage all the unexpected deliveries.
  • Forced to give your customers long time windows… just like a cable company.
  • Route planning takes so long that you can’t focus as much as you would like on the rest of your work.
  • Not confident that your route is the most efficient use of your drivers’ time.
  • Customers call in asking for the status of their delivery, but you don’t know where your driver is and can’t give them an answer.
The Routific Way

Plan, optimize, dispatch, and track your deliveries in just a few minutes!

  • Plan routes in a few minutes with a cup of coffee and zero stress.
  • Effortlessly scale your delivery operations as your business grows.
  • Optimize routes with real-life factors like lunch breaks, driver sick days, and tight time windows.
  • Have time to do the rest of your job.
  • Save $$$ on fuel and wages.
  • No more unnecessary customer service calls.

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$33 USD

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Everything you need to plan and dispatch optimized routes

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The Essentials

Easily import orders
Dispatch routes to driver app
Plan optimized routes in minutes

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$59 USD

$49 USD

Per vehicle / month

Scale your delivery operations with driver management tools

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Everything Essentials +

Track drivers progress
Capture signatures as proof of delivery
Customer notifications available for an additional USD per vehicle / month



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Everything in Professional +

Ensure success with premium support
Scale your operations with unlimited stops per vehicle
Customer Notifications available for an additional USD per vehicle / month

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Tired of spending hours trying to map messy delivery routes yourself? With Routific, you can plan and dispatch optimized routes in minutes.

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