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Customer Notifications available for an additional USD per vehicle / month

Fair Billing Policy

We believe the only way to run a good business is to be fair and 100% transparent. At Routific, you get billed a flat rate for the vehicles you have on the road each month. If your fleet size changes, no problem! Adjust your plan to fit your fleet size anytime. No unexpected charges or hidden fees. See Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more.

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$39 monthly

$33 monthly

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$59 monthly

$49 monthly

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Map-based route plan view

View and adjust stops to build the perfect route in a map and timeline views

Timeline route plan view

Simply drag and drop stops in the timeline view to adjust your routes effortlessly

Drag & drop scheduling

Simply drag and drop stops in the timeline view to adjust your routes

Spreadsheet upload

Import all your orders in bulk and quickly build routes

Customer profiles

Save your customers' delivery information in Routific to build new routes faster

Quick search

Find stops quickly by searching for them

Dispatcher notes

Dispatchers can record notes for each stop to help drivers make drop offs seamless

Custom data fields

Add as many custom notes as you need to make order information more clear to your driver, such as an order # or a list of items they're supposed to drop off

Driver notes

Drivers can record notes for each stop so that the dispatcher is aware of critical delivery details like the location of an entrance

Configurable driver start/end locations

Create routes that are optimized with customizable drivers' starting and ending locations

Configurable driver availability

Make sure your routes work with drivers' availabilities

Vehicle capacity

Set maximum capacity on your vehicles to ensure drivers are never assigned more than they can carry

Customizable driver overtime

Set an overtime allowance for all your drivers, in case you have more stops than usual

Optimize routes for time vs. distance

Choose to optimize your routes to minimize either the time or distance travelled

Manual traffic adjustments

Manually estimate local traffic with our manual traffic simulation slider to better plan your estimated times of arrival

Priority scheduling

Specify which stops must be completed if your driver runs out of time to complete the entire route

Delivery tags and assignment rules

Match certain types of stops to specific drivers. Most commonly used when drivers have location or capacity limits.

Delivery time windows

Specify the time your driver needs to complete a particular stop

Customizable service time

Set custom service times for drop offs that take longer or shorter than average

Mobile app for drivers

Drivers can view their routes and dispatcher notes, follow turn-by-turn directions, and collect proof of delivery

Proof of delivery

Collect signatures and photos as proof of delivery

Live delivery status tracking

Instantly see delivery status updates as your drivers complete each stop

Delivery status notifications for customers

Automatically notify customers about the status of their upcoming delivery via SMS or email USD per vehicle / month

Exportable route summaries

Summaries of estimated time and distance travelled per driver, the final status of each delivery, the time that each delivery was completed, and notes from the driver.

Shopify integration

Import orders from your Shopify Store directly into Routific.

Routific Platform API

Integrate Routific into your existing workflows like order management systems and billing software. Read the docs

Routific Engine API

Just want our route optimization, but not our Web App Platform? No problem! Integrate our proprietary algorithms into your own software with our Engine API for Developers.

In-app chat

Chat with our support team during office hours

Premium support

Email, phone, and chat support with our customer success team

Frequently Asked Questions

You can cancel your plan at any time. You can even change the number of vehicles subscribed to your plan mid-month and your next invoice will be prorated.

Yes – Routific gives you the option to pay for your plans annually. When annual payment is set up in-app with a credit card, a 17% discount is applied to your bill. You’re charged up front at the start of each annual billing cycle.

You should subscribe the number of vehicles you will have on the road at the same time. For example, if you have a fleet of 10 cars total, but only 3 go out at one time, then you would subscribe 3 vehicles. If this number changes day-to-day, don’t worry! You can adjust this number any time and the changes will be prorated on your next invoice.

Unfortunately, you can’t add Customer Notifications to the Essentials plan. This is because Customer Notification requires Live Tracking. Live Tracking is only offered with our Professional and Premium plans.

Want to adjust your route even after our software has optimized it for you? Not a problem! You can change and reoptimize routes as much as you want before your drivers start their routes. If you are on our Professional and Premium plans, you can even make edits and re-dispatch updated routes to your drivers while they’re on the road.

Our Platform API enables you to push orders from your accounting software or order management system into Routific’s Web App Platform. Our Engine API on the other hand enables you to integrate our proprietary route optimizations algorithms into your own logistics software.  Our Engine API is a separate product and can’t be used with our Web App Platform subscriptions. Learn more about our Engine API here.






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Peter Levitt

General Manager at Autoshred

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